Moo kata BBQ girlfriend stabber confessed to being jealous

 | Mon 18 May 2020 15:24 ICT

Following last week’s news  of a woman stabbed to death allegedly by her boyfriend at a moo kata bbq restaurant, the man has now officially confessed to the police.

The incident occured on the night of 13th May where police arrived at the scene to find a woman stabbed multiple times in her neck and body. She later died of her injuries at hospital and the man was arrested by patrons and staff of the restaurant as he was attempting to flee.

Police say that Jatee Namilu, 25 has confessed to stabbing his 17 year old girlfriend because she was allegedly cheating on him. According to Jatee, he begged her to come back to him but she refused which lead him to become enraged with jealousy.