Man knifes girlfriend to death at moo kata grill

 | Thu 14 May 2020 14:36 ICT

Police and rescue workers rushed to a moo kata BBQ restaurant in Sriphum last night after being alerted.

On arrival they found a woman in her late twenties stabbed multiple times. Rescue workers attempted to keep her stable, but she died soon after arriving in hospital.

At the scene police also found her boyfriend who was in a state of great agitation, wearing only a pair of underwear. It took police a long time to calm him down, but once at the police station he admitted that he and his girlfriend, the victim, both were employees at the BBQ grill.

He told police that the two had had a fight and he had gone into a jealous rage. He picked up a knife and stabbed her in the body and the neck multiple times out of anger before being dragged away and held down by customers and other staff at the restaurant because he was attempting to escape.

Police will continue to investigate.