Montfort College’s online learning platform most comprehensive in Thailand

 | Wed 13 Jan 2021 09:53 ICT

While students across the world have been studying online for nearly a year now, many schools are still struggling with various issues of remote learning such as lack of concentration or technical challenges.

Montfort College here in Chiang Mai has launched its MC Online Classroom system which it claims to be the first complete online learning system in Thailand. The difference between this system and other online learning activities is that the schoolroom imitates reality. Students stream their classes and are able to interact with teachers in real time. Normal class schedules are in place and students must attend classes as they would on any normal day of school.

The deputy director of Montfort College said that the school had been developing this system since the beginning of 2020 when the virus first hit. Calling the learning centre, the war room, she went on to say that this system controls all classes across all school years and live streaming allows students to feel as though they are back in a classroom. Using various tools such as GoogleMeet, the school is therefore able to keep students up to date on their curriculum.

In order to motivate students, said the deputy director, extra credits will be given for ‘affective domain’ which will reflect their interaction and participation.