Mek Nuanual’s Educational and Tutoring Services of Chiang Mai

 | Mon 31 Jan 2022 16:41 ICT

“Are you stressed out with the crunch of the end of the school year exams coming up? Are those exams testing you on subjects such as AP Chemistry, IB DP Chemistry, IGCSE Cambridge Chemistry, IGCSE Mathematics, A-level Chemistry, Algebra 2, Precalculus, Calculus 1, or AP Environmental Science? Or has your school been in a rut the past year or two due to COVID-19 pandemic shutting school campuses on and off so frequently that you feel behind and not at all up to speed with any of your Science or Mathematics classes? Or perhaps you just need help with coaching for the performing arts in dancing, singing, and the violin? How about lessons about the dos and don’ts of self-defense and the mindset of being a street smarts person and how to actually be situationally aware every day when you are out in the real world? These tips on your personal safety are a necessity in these crazy times we live in.  

So look no further students! I welcome you all to my new website for online tutoring and lessons. My name is Ruckfa “Mek” Nuanual and for the past 14 years, I have been teaching Advanced Placement and A-Level Chemistry, International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Chemistry, IB Middle Years Program (MYP) Science, IGCSE Chemistry, Key Stage 3 and 4 Science, Mathematics (from grade 6 math to Calculus), and/or American middle/high school general science at the international school level. In addition to having taught at international schools, I have an undergraduate and master’s degree in Chemical Engineering with three years of Environmental Consulting experience in the United States. I consider myself to be an adaptable and open-minded teacher who can relate to students from all backgrounds due to my creativity, resourcefulness, and highly enthusiastic approach to education. And during my almost thirty years that I spent growing up in the USA, I also learned martial arts to an expert level due to my 31 years of experience in several martial arts styles and also a 3RD DAN Black Belt in Hapkido from Yong-In University in Korea. And I also have decades of experience in playing the violin as well as dance and vocals.

Thus if you are in urgent need of a world class teacher and tutor, please check out my website and sign up! My online educational website

I look forward to meeting you all real soon. Cheers!”