Man stung to death by swarm of bees

 | Wed 21 Apr 2021 16:54 ICT

A janitor has been stung to death after a hive of bees was disturbed.

Earlier this morning police were alerted to the death of a school janitor at Kawila Wittayalai in Thasala sub district.

On arrival at the scene they found a man, already deceased, covered in bee stings. The man, 73, was covered in bees and rescue services had to light a fire to fumigate the insects away.

According to people at the zoo, the man was last seen cutting grass under a tree where there was a very large hive. The hive was disturbed and the man attempted to flee, before succumbing to the stings.

[Ed. Our Thai reporter used the word ‘peung’ or bees in his report, though we were unable to verify whether it was bees, wasps or hornets, we do apologise.]