Man Spends Year Walking in Memory of His Girlfriend Arrives at Doi Inthanon

 | Mon 27 Aug 2018 07:26 ICT

CityNews – A man who has walked the length of Thailand has arrived at the Doi Inthanon mountain following a promised he made to his departed girlfriend.

Sakchai Supantamart, 39, who has been travelling by foot from Trang to Chiang Mai since January this year in memory of his deceased girlfriend Saifon Singsanan who died at age 43 in 2016 from rabies virus, arrived at the Doi Inthanon National Park on the evening of August 26th. The story of his walk has earned the hearts of Chiang Mai people and Sakchai has reportedly received donation money in total of 68,072 baht which was deposited prior to his arrive at the park.

Sakchai was welcomed by the superintendent of Doi Inthanon who has promised to assist him personally during his visit. At the mountain top, Sakchai did not pull out his girlfriend’s ashes from his bag but merely whispered ‘I’ve kept my promise’. He camped at the park and spent a night there before leaving the park this morning.

“I will be back home by 2020,” said Sakchai and as he continues his walk, this time towards home.

Note: His partner who was previously reported as his wife is corrected to his girlfriend.