Man disrupts Suan Dok community early this morning

 | Thu 16 Dec 2021 16:43 ICT

Videos have been going viral today after a man reported a break-in to his house this morning in a community near Suan Dok temple, followed by further similar reports throughout the day.

According to police, just before 7am this morning a home owner had his house broken into. The homeowner took CCTV footage as evidence to show the police.

Later in the day, another man reported a similar incident which had happened nearby at his home at 6am this morning. According to this man his daughter had seen an intoxicated looking man through a window. The man then slipped her 20 baht through the crack of her door, whispering to her that that is for her to keep if she didn’t tell the police. The daughter called her father who began to engage with the man, eventually taking a photo of his ID card as they were chatting. In the meanwhile the daughter called the police. On hearing the arrival of police, the man attempted to run, but was blocked by the father. The man then hit the father, nearly knocking him out, before escaping through the labyrinth of sois in the area. Ten policemen were unable to find him in the area.

Police say that the man is a 28 year old from Phrao province who has a previous record of burglary from a temple as well as being a suspect in numerous other home burglaries. Police say that they are continuing to search for him.