Man adopts dog found in mountain and becomes social media darling

 | Thu 8 Aug 2019 14:28 ICT

CityNews – The heart-warming story of adoption of an abandoned dog has gone viral on social media.

Panithan Rattanathum, a teacher at Ban Luang School in Fang District was on his way down to the city from the mountains on August 7th when he spotted a dog on the roadside. He posted an announcement seeking its owner on his Facebook page, which has gone viral, he explained that the dog was docile when he approached to check for wounds. There were no physical injuries and a bowl was found nearby. He suspected that this is not a common stray dog as the dog got into his car without signs of wariness or resistance. He told CityNews that the decision to collect the dog was the fear that the dog will be harmed as it was getting dark, plus, the spot was isolated with no food or water nearby.

Although his post on Facebook has gone viral with over 14k shares and 7.4 comments, he received no contact from the dog owner. He told CityNews that he has decided to adopt the dog, unless the owner shows up.