Mam Alisa former actress opened a restaurant, last resort of her life

 | Mon 26 Aug 2019 16:37 ICT

CityNews – A former renowned actress opened a restaurant trying to survive a turbulence life.

Alisa “Mam” Kajornchaiyakul, a former actress has been discovered open a humble restaurant in Mae Rim. As an iconic figure who has reached the Miss World stage as a Thailand delegate in 1982, the restaurant shows the hardship she has been through.

Her life turned upside down when Thailand faced financial crash in 1997 when she was bankrupted with 10 million baht in debt. With tremendous stress and illness from various diseases including the side effect of taking weigh loss pills, depression crept up on her forcing her out of the entertainment business.

At the age of 54, she stated that this is her trying to survive from debt while recovering her health. She does everything from cooking to serving and washing dishes as she could not afford to hire staff. The restaurant is her last resort but she stated that will keep on fighting.

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