Lampang Pineapple Farmers Suffering from Market Saturation Picket City Hall

 | Fri 8 Jun 2018 09:24 ICT

CityNews – Lampang pineapple farmers who are struggling to sell their products have set up their vendors in the Chiang Mai market after another price crash hits the pineapple market.

On June 8th, over 10 pineapple farmers from Lampang set up shop outside City Hall to highlight the problem with pineapple prices falling across the nation. The farmers revealed to the press that as the market is so saturated again this year, prices for one kilo of pineapple are now as low as 80 satang, with the highest price found at just 2 baht per kilo.  Many of the farmers have to let their product rot.

This group of farmers have gathered to ask for permission to sell their product at the City Hall during the Mango and OTOP Fair hoping to earn some income.