Krathongs Promoted to Tourists in Place of Sky Lanterns

 | Fri 26 Jun 2015 07:31 ICT

CityNews – Chinese tour companies choose floating krathongs in the ping river in place of sky lanterns after laws now prohibit sky lantern release outside of the loy krathong festival.


Around 30 tourists were photographed floating krathongs down the Ping River from Pa Dad Bridge, which director of the Chiang Mai Cultural Council, Wanlop Namwongprom, believes will promote Thai traditions despite it not being the traditional festival season.

Before the new law came into effect, sky lanterns were heavily promoted to foreign tourists as a way to experience local Lanna traditions and learn more about the country they are visiting.

According to one Thai guide, Pinit Chandee, all major Thai festivals have been promoted to tourists, but floating krathongs, although outside of normal times, is a good activity for tourists. He also believes that floating krathongs causes no damage, so are better than sky lanterns which can litter the floor or get caught in jet engines.