‘It was Tourist’s Fault’ – Zip line Company said Following Death

 | Mon 6 Jul 2015 09:04 ICT

CityNews – Following the tragic death of a Chinese tourist, 44 year old Suxongtao, recently, the owner of Skyline Adventure, in Doi Saket District of Chiang Mai, Srimeun Chaimaha, has announced that the death was not due to any negligence or lack of safety of his company’s equipment. A thorough inspection of all 53 zip lines and their bases have been conducted to his satisfaction. The Department of Public Works had also approved of the safety standards leading up to the accident.

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The owner, Srimeun, has announced that he has temporarily closed his operations and ten staff have been inspecting all equipment and have found them to be safe. The family of the Chinese man have refused to accept the 1.3 million baht offered by Srimeun, but have said that they will go home to China to mourn and return to discuss compensations at a later date.

The family also held up a sling, with a broken harness as evidence, but Srimeun dismissed their claim saying that they had simply picked up an old and broken sling from the grounds nearby.

Suxongtao fell to his death at base 31 at the Skyline Adventure grounds and Srimeun has asked forgiveness of all other zip line companies in Chiang Mai and Thailand that this incident may have affected their businesses.

He explained that sometimes tourists have so much fun and think that they know what they are doing, and in the moment, they release their own safety valve. He says he is willing to discuss any and all matters with the family of Suxongtao and explain to them that his equipment is safe.