Husband Brutally Murders Wife in Knife Attack in Hangdong

 | Fri 14 Jun 2013 15:13 ICT

CityNews – On 11th June, 10.30 a.m. Hangdong Police received a report describing how a man had allegedly murdered his wife by cutting her throat in Ban Nhongkam, Hangdong

When police arrived at the scene they were met by a crowd of people standing over the dead body of Seeda Jaro (45), who had knife wounds to her neck, face, and arms. She was lying next to a motorcycle.

A police investigation revealed that Insorn Jaro (49), the husband of the victim, had been fighting with his wife. The locals told police that they tried to stop the man but he threatened them with a knife.

When police went to the man’s house they found a letter police they think Insorn had written saying that he would kill his wife.

Jirapong Srikunna, the couple’s son-in-law, told the police that he lived next to their house with their daughter. He said he had no idea what had caused the husband to do such a thing as he had not witnessed any arguments.

Police believe that Insorn was waiting for Seeda when she came home, and he murdered her as she got off her bike. At the moment police are not sure what the motive is. They are presently looking for Insorn whom they believe may take his own life.

The full story, as well as ‘graphic photos’ can be found here