Horrific Video of Puppy being Stamped to Death Causes Outrage Across Country – and Receives Thousands of ‘likes’

 | Thu 3 Oct 2013 10:43 ICT

CityNews – A viral video (nasty) shared thousands of times across Thailand that surfaced October 3rd has compelled animals rights activists and the general public to ask people to stop sharing the video and for authorities to find and prosecute the girls in the film.

Photo taken from ‘Rescue Team Thailand’ Facebook page (WARNING: Extremely Graphic Page)

The captions read, from top left: For what reason? Kick and stamp. Torture. Die.

The nineteen minute clip that was uploaded to YouTube shows three young women taking a puppy and stamping on it until it dies. It was first rumoured that the clip was made in Thailand, but it’s also been said that the film may have been created in The Philippines.

‘A Call for Animal Rights Walk Rally’ Facebook page has asked people in Thailand to refrain from sharing the clip, while an organization called PAWS – Philippines Animal Welfare Society, has asked Youtube to delete the video. 

Youtube already deleted the video, but the film is still being shared on Facebook.

Many of the comments on the video ask people to share the video so that more people see the faces of the women, who are clearly shown.