Heroic death of pilot

 | Fri 12 Jul 2019 14:57 ICT

CityNews – A pilot trainer was killed in a plane crash after trying to avoid collateral damage.

On July 11th, a plane crashed in Tha Wang Tan, an area between Saraphi and Muang Chiang Mai Districts. There were two casualties, with the pilots identified as Flg Off Teerawat Koonkhunthod who survived with minor injuries, and a pilot trainer Sqn. Ldr. Naruepon Lertkuson, who was pronounced dead on the arrival of the rescue team.

The incident was seen by local villagers who heard a loud bang while the plane was descending. The official report from the Chiang Mai authorities explained that Sqn. Ldr. Naruepon was trying to steer the plane away from the village below, which meant that unlike Flg Off Theerawat who managed to eject himself prior to the crash, his late ejection cost him his life.

The family of Sqn. Ldr. Naruepon has been notified of his death and is promised support from the Royal Thai Air Force as well as compensation.

The scene of the accident is still being closed for the investigation as the case has not been concluded yet.