Hang Dong luxury homes burglar arrested

 | Tue 20 Jul 2021 14:41 ICT

A 31 year old woman was arrested yesterday, accused of burglarising luxury homes and businesses in Hang Dong.

Hang Dong police say that Reudukarn Lepsangwan, who used to work as an administrator for a popular online shopping channel based in Chiang Mai was arrested at a home she shares with her sister, after having lost her job over the pandemic.

According to police, the accused has been driving to luxury homes in housing estates as well as some private businesses, where she parks her vehicle and climbs the fence into the properties. After stealing items such as antique Buddha images, golf clubs, computers, jewellery, home décor items, computers and televisions, she would also dismantle and take the property’s CCTV cameras as well as the hard drives.

Upon arrest, many of the items stolen were recovered in her home.

Reudukarn told police upon being arrested that she was simply interested in collecting these items for personal use and had no intention of selling them.

She was arrested after breaking into one home twice. The first time she stole many antique Buddha statues, while the second time she was in the process of carrying out a set of golf clubs when she told police that her girlfriend called her so she left the golf clubs to go and see her girlfriend, using this to explain to police that she was not serious about the theft, and that it was just “something she felt like doing at the time”.

Police say that they suspect that she has burglarised many other homes and businesses and are in the process of checking pawn shops across the city.