Handicapped man among seven arrested CM activists

 | Tue 27 Oct 2020 12:40 ICT

Yesterday a group of lecturers and students went to Chiang Mai Central Police Station to demand to know the names of the seven activists who supposedly had arrest warrants out on them for their activities on the 9th October, but which authorities had yet to reveal, citing the Media and Information Act.

Earlier today police revealed the name of all seven defendants which comprise five undergraduate students, one post graduate student, one graduated student and one independent researcher. One of the defendants, Suriya Saengkaewfan, is handicapped and is an activist working to further the cause of Thailand’s handicapped people.

After it was revealed that one of the defendants is handicapped news spread across Thailand’s social media, leading to great outrage due to the fact that he too was innocent and the inconvenience of travelling to defend himself for having committed no crime, accused many, showed the lack of concern nor consideration by the authorities.

The lecturers negotiated the release on bail of all defendants and police agreed.