Hailstorms Damage Homes and Farms in Latest Summer Storms

 | Wed 18 Apr 2018 05:02 ICT

CityNews – Hailstorms have hit over three districts, causing damage to homes and agriculture.

On April 17, Pirin Limcharoen, chief of the Chiang Mai Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office revelaed that the summer storms hitting Northern Thailand this last week have begun to cause damage to homes and farms in the area.

Strong winds have damaged homes and plantations in Samoeng, Hang Dong and Wiang Hang. Several electricity pylons were also brought down. One civilian in Hang Dong was found dead after a tree fell on him,

Wiang Hang district reported a total of 12 homes damaged in the storm.

In Baan Pa Nok Kok, Pong Yong, villagers suffered thick hail-fall, covering acres of land and damaging their crops. Villagers said that have never seen anything like it before.