Governor asks Media Not to Wear Face Masks or write about Pollution as it Creates Bad Image – Chiang Mai Netizens Furious

 | Fri 28 Mar 2014 14:57 ICT

CityNews – Local reporters have taken to social media – though oddly not the mainstream media – to slam Governor Wichian Puttiwinyu for recent comments. 

According to a handful of local reporters who wish to remain anonymous, two weeks ago, when Chiang Mai was smothered in dark smog the governor beseeched the local media, during an informal question and answer session, to report on the positivity of local weather, claiming that the air was still fresh and that the media had a role and responsibility in helping to promote tourism. 
This morning, following another meeting, the governor asked the members of press who were surrounding him (many with face masks on) to refrain from wearing face masks as it would alarm people, including visitors. There are Line and Facebook groups where many members of the press are currently sharing their shock and outrage at the governor’s comments, with most showing their displeasure that the governor is more concerned about the image of Chiang Mai than the health of Chiang Mai’s people.