Governor acted on water shortage emergency

CityNews – The governor of Chiang Mai responds to water shortage emergency.

Ping River in Chom Thong, Photo by ป้อหลวงแก้ว , จอมทอง สร้างสรรค์

After an announcement from the Royal Irrigation Department warning about an upcoming water shortage emergency, on July 19th, Supachai Iamsuwan, the governor of Chiang Mai, made a public statement in response.

The governor urged the Irrigation Office and the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Office to notify famers and distribute water according to the principal of water management under drought. Chief District Officers are assigned to survey drought at risk areas in the communities and coordinate on building check dams and dredging.

According to the report, today Mae Kuang Dam only has 17% water of its capacity. At the official meeting, Janesak Limpiti, the director of Mae Kuang Udonthara Water Preservation Project, revealed his concerns over supplying water according to schedule, which was planned for the 29th. Janesak suggested a delay but faced opposed due to high demand by rice farmers who have already prepared the season’s plantation.

A village headman from Phrao who was at the meeting reported dry cracked soil, dead trees, and villagers starting to conduct rituals begging for rain.