Government wants to make Thais Taller

 | Mon 3 Jun 2013 12:37 ICT

CityNews – The Public Health Ministry in Thailand is setting its targets on making Thai people taller for the future, something achievable they think if Thais drink more milk.

The ministry hopes that the average height for male Thai citizens will reach 175 cm for males, and 162 cm for females before 10 years is out. They also hope to lengthen lifespan to 80 years for Thai people.

Cholanan Srikaew, the Deputy Public Health Minister, said in The Nation on June 2nd that Thais aged 18 were an average height of 167.1cm for males and 157.4 cm for females, which is too short. Cholanan expressed that the rather small amount of milk consumed in Thailand – 14 litres of milk per person per year – is to blame for the height problem. On average he said that in Southeast Asia 60 litres of milk is consumed per year, while the global average is 103.9 litres of milk per year.