Gas Tank Explosion Kills Man at Home

 | Mon 25 Jun 2018 07:35 ICT

CityNews – A faulty gas tank exploded in the home of a man in Saraphi, killing him instantly and destroying half his home, Police reported this weekend.

On June 23rd, Police rushed to the scene after an explosion destroyed half a house in Nong Pheung, Saraphi. Police entered the home and discovered a man who was mutilated by the explosion and was declared dead on arrival.

The man who was killed in the blast was identified as 31 year old Warapong Rattanakoon, the sole resident of the house.

The explosion was so strong that it destroyed half his house and also caused minor damage to several houses nearby.

The bomb disposal team investigated the explosion to check it was not from something more sinister after police reportedly found electronics and computer hardware that filled every room of the house, with ‘barely any space to sleep’. Two pills of yaba were also found at the scene. The bomb squad eventually determined that the explosion was from a gas tank (often used for cooking), and that it exploded due to its poor condition.

An interview with a relative revelaed that the deceased was an introvert who spent most of his time at home inventing things. Police clarified that the explosion was an accident and the man had no hidden agenda regarding the explosion.