Free courses available to all

 | Mon 5 Oct 2020 14:46 ICT

Chiang Mai Institute for Skill Development 19, Mae Rim, Chiang Mai helps those who are affected by COVID 19 by providing six training courses for 130 seats to further develop skills and careers.

There are six classes available for 130 people, including a cooking class for 18 people, a bakery and coffee class for 24 people, a Thai dessert class for 23 people, dressmaking class for 23 people. Fundamental air conditioning operation class for 17 people, and designing and installing IoT control systems for hydroponics class for 25 people, all with the aims that workers will be able to apply the skills for further occupation. All trainings are free of charge.

Surat Palanun, the director of Chiang Mai Institute for Skill Development 19 aims to expand the training courses to other industries in Chiang Mai. For example, services, clothing, logistics, and food processing industries. Those who interested can apply at the institute or via Facebook page “Chiangmaiskill”.