Fox News Article Says “Shame on Pathetic, Cruel Thailand”

 | Fri 21 Mar 2014 09:34 ICT

CityNews – An article on the Fox Nation website begins by saying Thailand gets “the prize for being the lamest country of the day”. The author goes on to say how Russian President Vladimir Putin has been one-upping US President Barack Obama and that recent events revolving around Crimea would probably mean Russia should receive “the lamest country of the day prize”, but that Thailand deserves the award instead.

Why? Because Thailand is “cruel”, and the reason why (according to the author) is that while the world searched for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, Thailand hid their radar discovery of an unknown aircraft, shortly after the plane steered away from its intended route and lost all communication. The Thai military, who only shared this information ten days after the detection (mainly because the plane wasn’t in Thai airspace and wasn’t a threat to the country), stated they were not and are still not sure the plane was the missing MH370. The author then ends the paragraph with another reason Thailand didn’t share this discovery sooner: “Well, because they are jerks.”

The article ends with a reminder that the world rallied to help Thailand when it suffered through the 2004 tsunami, which claimed an estimated 8,212 lives and a confirmed 5,395 in Thailand alone.

The comments on the article are mostly negative, with many people shocked that the author could write off an entire country as “cruel” or “pathetic”.

One commenter said, “Wow, what utter trash. Agree completely with comments posted thus far about Greta needing to verify facts and be a bit more professional in her op-ed’s. Then again, not surprised, considering this is Fox News.

Another commenter, who is Thai, said, “You are so CRUEL. Why are u blaming my homecountry like that?  Eventhough we might have a not very good goverment, it doesnt mean that all Thais are awful. 

And another anti-Greta netizen: “C’mon Greta! You’re blaming the entire country of Thailand for mistakes and/or non-caring from a few in the military and the Government? And, you’re a lawyer? Ever heard of fallacies and generalization?  It’s no different than you calling out all of Germany for its Nazism past! Shame on you!