Four Red Shirt Monk-Punchers Come Forward

 | Wed 26 Mar 2014 10:28 ICT

CityNews – This past week, a monk from Kalasin was struck in his face by four red shirt supporters at a rally they were holding in Nonthaburi to protest the anti-graft panel’s decision to charge Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra with malfeasance in connection with the rice-pledging scheme.

Monks receiving alms in Thailand.

Though initially the perpetrators of the violence against the monk remained anonymous, the four assailants (three men, one woman) have now revealed their identities. The three men are Jakraphan Udom (19), Krissana Karnbanjong (19), Thanart Songprasert (21), and the female assailant has identified herself as Hathaikanchana Choengyuth (43).

After coming forward, they stated that the reason they assaulted the monk was because he verbally antagonized the protesters and brandished a cane with which the female assailant says he struck her. The monk denies any physical aggression on his part, stating that he was simply telling the protesters that they were disturbing the peace.

People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC) spokesman Sornrak Malaithong called the incident an act of self defence and all four assailants are currently out on bail.