Food Panda riders threaten strike tomorrow following reduced pay

 | Tue 24 Aug 2021 11:31 ICT

A group of riders from Food Panda Chiang Mai, numbering nearly 100, protested outside Food Panda’s office at their office in JJ Market yesterday afternoon, following a recent price drop by the company.

According to the riders all levels of riders have been affected by an unannounced price reduction. A ‘captain’ level rider used to earn 27 baht per delivery which has now been dropped to 23 baht, said one protester.

The riders say that this adjustment, which has been called an improvement by the company needs to be explained and have some matters they wish the company to address.

1.Riders wish to know by which measures the company uses to adjust pay scales, whether it is based on the economy, cost of living, revenue or profit.

2. Riders wish the company to use the previous pay scale due to the current economic hardship with living wages in mind.

The riders have demanded an answer by the end of today and will consider going on strike as of tomorrow if they are not satisfied.

One rider told CityNews that he has already noticed that the same route he used to take only a week ago is now paying 30-40% less and he can’t understand why this has happened.

There was no representative of the company at the office to receive grievances from the riders.

The riders have since moved their protest to the provincial hall where they are now.