Florists reporting brisk sale of bouquets of flowers and folded bank notes

 | Mon 14 Feb 2022 16:09 ICT

Chiang Mai’s flower shops are reporting a brisk trade today, Valentine’s Day.

Ton Lamyai Market by the river, famous for its flowers, is jammed packed with last minute buyers. Roses are going for 20 baht each with bouquets starting at a sensible 150 baht…going up to the thousands.

Thailand’s half half programme, where the government subsidises 50% of sales at certain outlets for up to 150 baht per day is coming in handy, with many buyers saying that this is allowing them to afford flowers this year.

Some sellers say that many clients are also wanting to put bank notes, folded like flowers, adding value to bouquets.

Yupin flower shop reported that one client ordered a 3,000 baht bouquet of red and pink roses, adding a further 10,000 baht of rose-folded bank notes to the bunch.

“In the past we have had people ask to fold in anywhere up to 40,000-50,000 baht, with our record being a graduation bouquet of flowers with 100,000 baht folded in!,” said the owner of Yupin.