Flooding in Hang Dong Receding

 | Thu 12 Oct 2017 06:56 ICT

CityNews – The flash flooding in Hang Dong is beginning to recede with authorities responding to the scene since early this morning.

The flash floods that reportedly came from Mae Tha Chang’s river in Samoeng around 4am this morning, October 12th caused flooding of between 30 cm and 1metre in depth across Hang Dong areas. The areas that were affected by the floods include Nam Phrae, Chang Kam, Ban Pong, Khun Khong (Ban Tawai), Ban Waen, Nong Kaeo. The Chiang Mai – Hot Road was blocked and people were unable to traverse the deep water, forcing all traffic to use the canal road instead.

Yodphet Sudsawad, the founder of Panyaden International School told CityNews that the flooding came to a surprise. “I received a message about the flood from an officer and arrived at the school around 4am. The water was only at the ankles level, but in just a short time the water reached the height of the desks. There was no warning, no sign so we did not have time to evacuate. Our school has been damaged badly, equipment, student’s work and computers destroyed. The building is damaged. At least 40 million baht in damages.”

According to the authorities battling with the flood, the water is beginning to recede. The governor of Chiang Mai has ordered all related authorities to work until the flooding has been resolved, helping in any way they can. Citizens in Mae Wang and San Pa Tong are warned to take caution as the water level in the areas are at high risk.