FFP Wins Chiang Mai Election with Flying Colours

 | Mon 27 May 2019 15:58 ICT

CityNews – The Future Forward Party wins the reelection of Chiang Mai constituency 8 with an overwhelmingly popular sweep in the polls.

After Surapol Kietchaiyakorn from Phue Thai Party, who won the election in Chiang Mai constituency 8, was disqualified by the Election Committee for making an illegal offering to a monk – 2,000 baht and a clock – before the election, which is considered to be in violation of the law, Chiang Mai constituency 8 was scheduled to hold a reelection on May 26th.

Chiang Mai constituency 8 consists of four districts including San Pa Tong, Mae Wang, Doi Lo and Chom Thong. As Phue Thai Party is banned from this new election, and no new candidate is allowed to register, there were 32 candidates running the race. With 163,343 eligible voters, there were reportedly 78.26% of people who cast a ballot. Among all the votes, 119,636 were not in error.

Srinual Boonlue of Future Forward Party won the race with 75,891 votes surpassing the first runner up from Palang Pracharat Party who won 27,861 votes. In response to the triumph, Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit, head of the Future Forward Party posted on Facebook saying this is a ‘mandate of the people’.

Thanathorn further pointed out that this victory represents the feelings of the people towards the political situation as a whole. He went on to ask which party had kept their promises and which had twisted the house of representatives so much so that many feel unacceptable.