Fake map circulating about 30 local COVID-19-exposed venues

 | Wed 18 Mar 2020 12:59 ICT

CityNews – A map compiled by the municipality pinpointing over 30 restaurants and cafes which were considered safe zones because of their high functioning air purifiers which keep the space safe from PM2.5 particles, has been twisted into fake news.

Komsan Suwanampha, deputy Chiang Mai governor came out to clarify that the news circulating of the map which says that it features venues which were exposed to coronavirus was false news.

“Don’t share this map which shows a good list of quality venues and twists it to create panic,” said the deputy governor, who went on to say that those who share the fake map could be in violation of the ubiquitous computer crimes act.

The governor then said that at this point the only source of any news relating to coronavirus is coming only from the central government. No other source of information is reliable.