Ex-police arrested for burglary, beaten up, had rescue car crash and now escaped

 | Mon 24 Feb 2020 15:49 ICT

CityNews – At around 4am on 24th February 2020, investigating officers at San Pa Tong police station were notified of an accused burglar who had escaped custody.

According to reports, Pawares Wongsuwan, 45, was previously a police officer but had just been arrested for burglary. He was also later found to have had three arrest warrants issued for him for various crimes. The most recent incident occurred at Ban Pae San Mai, Sanpatong District on 23rd February where he was arrested for stealing. Over the course of his arrest he was injured, though police didn’t go into details as to how he was injured.

Rescue workers insisted he go to the hospital as he was covered in blood and had obviously been assaulted. On the way to the hospital, unfortunately, the vehicle was involved in an accident, but no further injuries were added. He was handcuffed to his hospital bed, but CCTV footage revealed that he escaped around 4am and is believe to be at large in Sanpatong, causing quite a commotion amongst local residents who are afraid that he may have access to a gun.

Police urge anyone who sees him to immediately call 191 or 053 311123-2 at San Pa Tong police station, so the authorities can take action to investigate and arrest. He was last seen in a long sleeved shirt and shorts.