Escaped arrested former policeman rearrested

 | Thu 27 Feb 2020 15:20 ICT

CityNews – 26th February 2020. Following the story earlier this week of a former policeman who was arrested for burglary, underwent assault ‘during the course of his arrest’, which lead to rescue workers taking him to hospital, with the rescue vehicle being involved in an accident on the way to the hospital, who then later escaped hospital in the early hours of the morning only to have caused panic in Sanpatong where he was at large…he has now been rearrested.

According to Pol. Lt. Gen. Pichet Chiranantasin, Chief of Police Chiang Mai Province, Pawares Wongsuwan the accused burglar, is now back in custody awaiting trail. The suspect was found hiding in a guesthouse in the city. He has been sent to Sanpatong Sub-district for further legal proceedings.