Egg vendor short-egging orphans

CityNews – 31st March 2020, a retired volunteer teacher who works with the hundreds of orphans at Wat Don Chan posted onto social media pictures of some eggs which were recently donated to the orphanage.

With a warning to ‘beware cheating egg vendors in Chiang Mai’, a Facebook post by this retired man went viral. According to the post, the orphanage regularly receives donations and if it is of food, it is immediately transferred to the kitchens.

On the 28th March a bundle of eggs were delivered, which he sent to the kitchen with instructions to use the eggs to cook for the kindergarten children.
He was soon sent these images by the cook who wished to show that she had not stolen the eggs, but that this was how they arrived.

The volunteer teacher berated the unknown vendor on social media for taking advantage of orphans. He also warns the public to check goods before purchasing them.