Earth Day @ Prem 2014

 | Fri 2 May 2014 11:43 ICT

CityNews – Earth Day is always a day of fun, learning and community at Prem International School.  The first worldwide Earth Day was held in 1970 as a way to capitalise on the growing environmental movement, and give people all over the planet a chance to come together to drive change in the way we interact with the Earth.  Earth Day is traditionally celebrated on 22 April, but this year because of the term break, Friday 25 April was chosen instead.  

Donal O’Connell, Sustainability Coordinator at Prem, was responsible for the day and with help from Dr Emma Shaw, Environmental System Science teacher, and Sarah Handley, Director of Library Services, O’Connell arranged a splendid day that explored the theme for the day:  Water, Our Most Precious Resource.  

Almost 500 students from the Junior School and from the Senior School participated in fifteen workshops centred around the theme.  The Shark Guardian group from Koh Samui were also invited to present to the students on the unsustainable treatment of these top predators.  Among the many activities, students were asked to make pledges to change their behaviour towards water in the “Promise Pond”.  Grade 11 students researched the ethical implications of water distribution for their Theory of Knowledge class, and the day was capped by boat races and other water-centred recreation.  “I had a great time,” Sabrina Makmur, Gr 10, said.  “I learned so much about pollution and I was shocked to see how much water we use, especially in the food we eat.”  From water droplets created in the art studio with messages of hope, to facts researched and posted by students during the Water in the World workshop, Earth Day may be over for this year, but its message of conservation and stewardship is ever present on the Prem Campus.