Drunk driver kills female pedestrian, 57

 | Mon 15 Jun 2020 13:59 ICT

Around 11pm on the night of the 14th June an accident occurred in front of Nakornping Hospital, Mae Rim.

A Toyota pickup truck sped into a Nissan car which swerved to avoid the collision and ended up smashing into a key shop. A 57 year old woman who was walking past at the time was critically injured and later died in hospital.

Police say that a man was driving the Nissan when the Toyota pickup truck came straight at him causing him to swerve to avoid the collision. Unfortunately it was this avoidance which had the Nissan to drive into the parked car, the key shop and the woman.

The speeding pickup truck which caused the collision sped away. However, a group of people riding large motorbikes happened to be passing by and began to chase the pickup truck, finally forcing it to pull over a kilometer later. The bikers confiscated his keys and stood waiting for the arrival of the police.

The driver was a 45 year old man and inebriated.

He will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.