Drug Fueled Man Stabs Wife and Daughter to Death

 | Wed 21 Sep 2016 06:47 ICT

CityNews – September 20th, the bodies of a 31 year old woman and 7 year old girl were found in the forests by villagers.

Police arrived at the scene in Chaiprakarn District of Chiang Mai to find the bodies of Nafu Aunlae and her daughter, Patchalee Chabu, both stabbed to death.

Villagers say that it was most likely that the three were walking home through the forest after working in the fields and the husband, a known drug addict, who has often gone on drug rampages, was arguing with his wife, something villagers say he did on a regular and vocal basis.


Villagers discovered the bodies later in the night.

When police arrived at the scene, they speculate that the mother and daughter had been dead approximately five hours. The father, 33 year old Chapho Aulae, was and is still missing.

According to the police, the knife wound in the girl’s back indicates that the father had intended to stab his wife, but the girl intervened and was stabbed to death by mistake. The police went on to tell the media that the father most likely succumbed to remorse and fear and went on to stab his wife to death before fleeing.

Police are following leads to find Chapho.