Driver Crashes Into Moat to Avoid Cat

 | Tue 3 Apr 2018 08:12 ICT

CityNews – A pick up truck crashed into the moat after being cut off by a cat.

Around 10pm on April 2nd, police responded to a call after a car crashed into the moat near Wat Chai Si Phum, Wichayanon Road.

A pick up truck was found half submerged in the moat by the time police arrived, but the driver was unhurt after being rescued by a foreign tourists walking in the area at the time.

37 year old Warisara Pongputtimate told police that it was raining when she suddenly saw a cat run into the road. She swerved to avoid the cat and crashed into the moat.

The cat fled the scene of the accient before the police arrived for questioning.