Don’t be afraid of Chinese tourists because of coronavirus, say tour guides

 | Thu 30 Jan 2020 16:25 ICT

CityNews – 30th January 2020, Manop SaeChia, President of the Tour Guide Association, Chiang Mai, announced that tour guides are noticing that many locals are now physically avoiding groups of Chinese tourists, often walking away from them in an obvious way, for fear of the coronavirus.

He urges the public to not act in such a manner as it will affect the goodwill from the tourists. He also wanted to reassure the public that the authorities are taking all precaution to screen for virus carriers and asks the public to treat Chinese tourists like guests to the country.

He went on to say that nearly 99% of Chinese tourists are wearing protective masks, some carrying two or three with them at all times, and that they are very aware of the spread of the virus and how to take precautions.