Doctor Confirms Driver who Rammed into Airport Guard has Dementia

 | Tue 21 Aug 2018 09:58 ICT

CityNews – The Dementia Association of Thailand has confirmed that the driver who rammed a security guard suffers from the disease.

Following the incident which occurred at the Chiang Mai International Airport yesterday, August 20th, when a female driver rammed an airport security guard with her vehicle after being upset over a parking ticket. Police disclosed a statement that she claimed to have suffered from dementia.

Today, August 21st, The Dementia Association of Thailand confirmed the claim. Patra Boonchaloew, 69, has been receiving treatments for dementia since last year including at the Northern Neuroscience Center and Chiang Mai Neurological Hospital.

Patients with dementia are forgetful and can be aggressive from lack of emotional control.

The association revealed the patient side of the story that she was dropping off her friend who was going abroad with the intention to park temporarily but when she was heading back to her car from the building, she forgot the entrance and became lost. Her temper was triggered by the encounter with the security guard. After the incident she claimed to be in the state of shock and has forgotten the incident.

The driver promised to cover all the costs for the airport security guard.

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