Director of Temple School in Hot Water over Hitting Students with Broomstick

 | Thu 9 Aug 2018 05:57 ICT

CityNews – A director of a temple school in Chiang Mai has been reported for his use of corporal punishment.

A corporal punishment case was reported to the police August 8th by Sasi Paripunno, a mother of a 17 year old novice against an unnamed temple school in Chiang Mai. The director allegedly hit five novices with a broom stick causing severe bruises.

Sasi’s son, revealed that they were punished for skipping the evening chant. He claimed they were exhausted from studying and continued explaining that the school director first hit three of his friends with a plastic broom stick but the stick broke, so the director swapped it with a wooden broom stick.

After the punishment, the director allegedly seized the boys’ mobile phones but one of them had a spare phone which was used to record the incident.

The mother, who contacted the school director after she became aware of the incident on August 5th, claimed the director admitted to his actions and had asked her to sort the matter out privately. She refused to comply stating that she was worried about future corporal punishments that may occur should this matter not be taken more seriously, as the school director is also a senior monk.

Parents have demanded that the director be held accountable by law for his action.