Cousin’s divorce leaves man with ex’s debts

 | Thu 3 Oct 2019 15:05 ICT

CityNews – Komsan Supakrong, 39, reported a case against an unnamed police officer after he bailed on a debt that Komsan is a guarantor of. Kamsan explained that this officer was married to his cousin and in 2012 when they were still married, he had agreed to be a guarantor for a car loan. Years later, the couple divorced and the oficer left the debt unpaid.

After receiving warning letters from a financial institute, Komsan tried to contact his cousin’s ex, who promised to clear the issue. However in 2018, to Komsan surprise, he was subpoenaed by the court to make a deal as to whether to return the car or pay up the outstanding debt. Komsan stated that his cousin’s ex refused to return the car or pay the debt. Eventually, by court order, Komsan found himself responsible for a 300,000 baht debt, plus a further 200,000  baht depreciation cost.

The report is to urge the debtor which is a police officer to take responsibility to the debt.