CityNews: Four youths beat vendors to unconsciousness for a lighter

 | Tue 16 Nov 2021 16:47 ICT

A CCTV camera has caught footage of five men aged between 20-28, as they ruthlessly beat up a 43 and a 29 year old mala bbq vendor in front of a convenience store in Sansai on the 13th November.

According to the two victims, four youths and one local security guard from a nearby housing estate attacked them, leaving one of them with a broken tooth and both of them with body injuries. Both said that they did not know the reason for this sudden attack.

Police rounded up the men yesterday and took them to the Sansai Police Station where one of the youths told police that they had been drinking beers in front of the convenience store and had walked over to the two vendors to ask to borrow a lighter. He claimed that the vendors refused to lend he and his friends a lighter and that was when, in a drunken fury, they attacked them.

The youths said that there was no weapon in play, “just some kicks and punches before we dispersed.”

They will be prosecuted.