Chinese Tourists Facing Arrest for Wearing Student Uniforms

 | Wed 26 Feb 2014 11:29 ICT

CityNews – On February 24th, a Chiang Mai University security guard discovered a Chinese tourist family taking photographs at the front of the university. The mother and father were photographing their kids, who were dressed in CMU uniforms.Caught in the act

The children said they had purchased the uniforms from a shop across the street. It’s reported that they had gone to take photos in front of the CMU main entrance which then caused passersby to complain via social media (mentioning inappropriate behaviors.)

Assistant Professor Rome Jiranukrom, Assistant Dean of Foreign Relations and the Alumni Association, told reporters that the university did not take this issue lightly.

The tourist guideline committee invited the four tourists to a meeting and informed them that wearing university uniforms without enrolling is not permitted per university policy. They asked the tourists not to post or share pictures of the kids dressed in uniforms. They also filed a police report. If the tourists are found guilty of breaking law they will be subjected to legal actions.

Photos of the family speaking to authorities can be sen here.

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