Chiang Mai municipality repairs the moat’s embankments

 | Fri 20 Dec 2019 14:15 ICT

CityNews – 19th December 2019, Chiang Mai municipality is now repairing embankments along the moat on the north side of Tha Pae gate area (Chaiyaphum Rd.), some debris may be left on the road around the moat, the municipality apologises road and footpath users and asked them to be careful while traveling through that area.
The repair on the north side is scheduled to finish this month and then the repair of the embankment on the south side of Tha Pae (Kotchasarn Rd.) will be done during January 2020.

Chiang Mai municipality would like to explain low water levels which have resulted from the project to build 8 water gates in the moat. This work is divided into 3 stages so that it would not affect the tourist seasons of Chiang Mai:
Stage 1: to be finished before the end of December 2019 (not to affect New Year festival)
Stage 2: to be finished before February 2020 (not to affect Chiang Mai Flower festival)
Stage 3: to be finished before April 2020 (not to affect Songkran festival)
The municipality will try its best to minimise environmental impact.