Cabbage farmers complain of ten hour journeys for 80kms

 | Tue 27 Jul 2021 18:17 ICT

Roads to Mae Chaem are destroying vehicles, say farmers from Kalyaniwattana District who have to travel to Mae Chaem to deliver goods.

Roads, destroyed by heavy rains, are wreaking havoc on farmers’ vehicles, making it even harder to earn a living, say a group of farmers.

Villagers say that they must travel to Mae Chaem to deliver cabbages but cost of repair on vehicles is making the journey prohibitive.

The journey of around 80 kilometres takes around 10 hours during the monsoon season, say farmers who ask the government to fix the roads.

Villagers say that they have to coordinate their travel with many other farmers so that each can help one another out when they inevitably get stuck.

With cabbage prices dropping to only two baht per kilogram, villagers are pleading with the prime minister to step in.

They also say that they are concerned about how they are to take people in need to seek medical attention if travel is so hard.