Bus owner agrees to pay 5k to injured man

 | Wed 26 Aug 2020 19:43 ICT

Earlier this week a 57 year old man was returning to Hod from hospital following a dialysis treatment when he was injured while disembarking what he claims was a moving bus.

The owner of the bus had initially told police that he accepted responsibility as the bus had driven off when the last passenger, the injured party, was still disembarking. However, family of the injured man now say that the bus company has refused to pay the 3,500 baht hospital bill, and is now putting the blame on the injured man, claiming that the bus was stationary at the time.

Earlier today Ratchaphum Rangsiyanont, 41, the owner of the bus, said that he had initially agreed to pay 3,500 baht to the injured party but the family of the injured party was not satisfied and wanted more. He had called the bus driver to ask if he was willing to pay more, and the driver said that he didn’t have any money, therefore he wasn’t attempting to avoid paying the negotiated compensation, as reported.

He said that he had negotiated many of these settlements and was happy to settle this one. But now the family want 5,000 baht which was more than the original request. Police say that they have now come to another undisclosed settlement.

Land Transportation Department officials say that the clips taken were still shots, therefore it was hard to determine whether the vehicle was moving or not. He is happy that the two parties have now agreed on a settlement and will be charging the drier 2,000 baht for negligence as well as bringing him into a retraining course.