Man injured disembarking moving bus, company won’t pay

 | Tue 25 Aug 2020 14:47 ICT

Family of a man who was injured after falling from a moving bus are demanding compensation.

Uncle Wan, 57, was on his way home to Hod following a visit to a hospital where he received dialysis treatment when he disembarked from his bus at Hod Post Office.

He was slower than most, having just left hospital, and the driver began to drive off as he was still disembarking, leading him to be injured. Fellow passengers helped him and rushed him to hospital where he was treated for minor injuries.

The owner of the bus had then gone to the police station to accept responsibility, saying that his regular driver was not driving that day and the ticket collector, who normally assists the old and infirm at the back of the bus, was also absent. He said that he accepted responsibility, and was recorded doing so to the police.

When Uncle Wan was discharged from hospital with a fee of 3,500 baht, he called the owner of the bus to inform him and the owner told him that he would reimburse him.

It has been a week since the incident, said the sister of Uncle Wan to reporters today and the owner of the bus has yet to recompense the family. She called him again yesterday and he has now changed his story, blaming Uncle Wan for falling on his own.

She is demanding justice.