BTS Commuters Awkwardly Ignore Talented Farang Acapella Group

 | Fri 11 Apr 2014 09:57 ICT

CityNews – A group of foreigners neatly dressed in suits decided to give a free performance on the BTS train of their acapella version of Jai Klang Kwarm Roo Suek Dee Dee by Ae Jirakorn from the popular sitcom Prik Gup Kluer.

A snapshot from the video.

However, the performance seemed to go over the heads of the audience, who mostly stood around awkwardly avoiding eye contact with the singing group, besides one other foreigner who smiled at them throughout the song.

A video filmed by a spectator has now gone viral on Thai video-sharing websites and Facebook pages, where countless Thai people are now leaving appreciative comments. Here are some below, taken from the Thai Facebook page Show Clip which shares funny content in Thailand and elsewhere:

A young Thai woman left her positive comment, saying “? ?” which means, “Oh my God! If the farangs work/sing here, Thai men don’t stand a chance!”

While another said “? ?” which means, “Even the farangs love Thais and Thai songs. Why don’t we (Thai people) get along? I love it!”

However, some comments are negative, with one popular comment saying “?”, meaning “I’m lucky to be born as a Thai person.”

What the video here and let us know what you think!