Big Cleaning Day Held to Clear Dust From City Roads

 | Tue 3 Apr 2018 08:16 ICT

CityNews – The governor of Chiang Mai joined with over 300 volunteers for a big cleaning day across the city, in a bid to clear away the dust.

On April 3rd, Pawin Chamniprasert, the governor of Chiang Mai and over 300 hundred volunteers from the public sector participated in a big cleaning day. The activity was held to alleviate the dust in the air and increase the humidity of the air by spraying water on the street that also helps collect the dust and prevents it from blowing back up into the air.

They also collected trash that was found along the side of the roads. The governor took the opportunity to also encourage Chiang Mai citizens to dress in traditional costume for the upcoming Songkran festival.

On the same day, the governor of Chiang Mai and the Office of Natural Resources and Environment received a hundred packs of water from Chiang Mai Orchid Hotel to be given to volunteer firefighters who are working tirelessly through the 51 Day No Burning period. The Forest Fire and Haze Prevention and Mitigation Center is always open to donations. For more information please call 053 112 236.