Superbike Racer Arrested

 | Thu 11 Oct 2018 08:45 ICT

A Facebook page has shared a video clip of superbikes street racing, with one of them were racing up to 200 km/hrs, on Chiang Mai-Chiang Rai going via San Sai to Doi Saket. The post raised concerns about traffic safety to other drivers on the road. On October 10th, police were able to identify the racer as Rachan Titathamm, 31, who admitted to being the driver in the video clip. He was unable to identify the rest of the people in the group, saying that it was his first time joining a group race.

The racer was reportedly hoping to gain traffic to his YouTube channel and promote his newly opened restaurant. He apologised and promised to not race on the street again.

He is charged with dangerous driving and will be prosecuted by San Sai Police Station and Doi Saket Police Station.